Say what you will about the low cost and easy sharability of digital photos, sometimes it's nice to have an actual physical print that you can hold onto or tack up. That said, you likely don't want to carry an instant camera with you everywhere you go. Well, that's where the SnapJet comes in. It's a small device that scans a photo displayed on your smartphone's screen, and reproduces it on Polaroid or Fuji film.

First of all, there are already photo printers that work with smartphones. However, these are typically either hard-wired to the phone or synced using Bluetooth.

By contrast, no plugging, pairing or apps are required with the SnapJet. You just place any make or model of phone face-down on its optical polymer scanning surface (which is described as "a bundle of microscopic optical fibers fused together"), press a button, then wait for the print to come out.

The integrated battery is charged via a USB port, which also allows techy users to hack its open-source platform as desired.

The SnapJet's creators are now raising production funds for the device, on Kickstarter. A pledge of US$99 will get you one, when and if they're ready to go – the planned retail price is $149. Polaroid 300 or Fuji Instax Instant Film is extra, and can be purchased online.

You can see a demo in the pitch video below.

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