Not everyone wants to leave their computer powered up, every time they need to charge a device via USB. That's why some people use wall outlet adapter plugs, or they wire in new outlets that contain USB ports. The new SnapPower Charger, however, offers an alternative. It's a wall outlet cover plate that provides 1 amp of USB power, with no rewiring or extra hardware necessary.

Users simply unscrew the cover plate on an existing outlet, pull it off, then push the Charger onto the outlet and screw it back on. That's it.

Two prongs on the inside of the plate make contact with the wiring screws on either side of the outlet, directing an electrical current down to its USB port. The outlet's two main receptacles still work too, and remain functional and accessible when the USB is in use.

Additionally, because the port is on the side of the device, it can be installed on outlets located behind furniture, where there wouldn't be room for an outward-protruding USB cable.

SnapPower is currently raising production funds for the Charger on Kickstarter, where a pledge of US$14 will get you one – assuming all goes according to plan. The device won't work with all countries' outlet types, so check for compatibility on the Kickstarter page before ordering.

The company's other product, the Guidelight, was a Kickstarter success story. It's powered in the same fashion as the Charger, although it has a built-in night light instead of a USB port.

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