Anyone who has found themselves living in a studio, or any kind of small place, has probably been faced with furniture issues. How does one have enough seating for friends, while actually have floor space to walk around? For many, modular furniture is a great answer, as it has a smaller footprint in one state, but can be expanded for additional seating in another. That's just what the Fabrizio Simonetti designed Sofista does.

In its default setting, the Sofista is a three-seat couch with arms on each side. This allows enough room for a few people to sit comfortably. When needed, the two arms pull away, with one becoming a chair, and the other a chaise longue. In this configuration, seating for two or three additional people becomes available, and it can be tucked back away when not needed.

The Sofista actually goes a step further, turning into a bed for house guests who need to stay for the night. For anyone in a small place with no guest bedroom, this can be a valuable asset, and it takes up far less space than a fold-out sofa would when opened.

Additionally, something that makes this modular sofa stand out from the crowd is the way it transforms. Instead of mechanisms and heavy pieces, the arms literally just slide out, making it easy to adjust.

A removable cloth clover is also included. This is machine washable, which could come in handy for those sleepover guests who sweat and drool in their sleep. The pads are made from polyurethane foam and the legs are built using beech wood.

This isn't a cheap sofa, coming with a €1,210 (US$1,620) price tag, but when you consider that it replaces the need for an entire living room set, the price doesn't seem as high. Formabilio, the company selling the Sofista, is offering it in eight different color patterns.

Source: Formabilio via Notcot

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