Washington-based knife specialist SOG has added to its extensive lineup of multitools with a lightweight and versatile implement built to handle a range of everyday tasks. The SOG PowerLitre multitool packs all the usual suspects, plus some handy additions that might prove useful when mealtime arrives at camp.

Crafted from stainless steel with a stonewash finish, the PowerLitre measures five inches long (12.7 cm) when folded up and tips the scales at a lightweight 4.6 oz (130 g). This undercuts similar multitools, such as the Wave and Wingman from Leatherman, by a few ounces and should make the PowerLitre a manageable member of an everyday carry kit.

It packs 17 tools in all, including a 2.75-inch (7-cm) straight blade, awl, flat screwdriver, gripper, jewelry driver, line cutter, needle nose pliers, Philips head screwdriver, protractor, ruler and scissors, along with soft and hard wire cutters.

Onboard for food-prepping needs is a bottle opener, compound leverage corkscrew and a can opener. There is also a quarter-inch magnetic hex bit driver, which is a new addition to SOG's range and not all that common as an integrated feature for multitools in general.

At US$50, the SOG PowerLitre is also fairly reasonably priced compared to some competitors from equally established names (SOG is best known for its recreation of the SOG Knife used during the Vietnam War). It is available now through SOG's website, while the video below shows it in action.

Source: SOG

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