Headphone manufacturer Sol Republic has teamed up with Canadian electronic music producer Deadmau5 to design the world’s first music headphones for cats. Yes, headphones for cats. Coming in at a whopping US$1,000, the scaled-down Professor Meowington pHd Cat Headphones have been geared towards a very exclusive novelty market of feline-owners with excess dollars, but possibly not much sense.

Designed by renowned digital artist Joshua Davis, these quirky headphones are the brainchild of Deadmau5 who frequently lists his feline-companion Professor Meowington as a collaborator on his musical endeavors. In keeping with his evidently quirky nature, Deadmau5 decided his cat would get more musical enjoyment through headphones than simply listening through speakers, and arranged for the product to be designed. A limited run of ten sets has been manufactured.

One of the most surprising aspects of the headphones is that they actually feature the same high-end audio specs found in Sol Republic’s “human” range of headphones. Although much smaller, the Meowington headphones include detachable I4 sound engines, three-button remote control, durable headband, and even a ClearTalk microphone in case your cat receives a phone call whilst listening to its favorite jam.

So would anyone in their right mind really buy a pair of cat headphones? According to Sol Republic all ten have been sold already. Thanks to a very amusing mock infomercial that has now gone viral – the company claims to have received 87 purchase requests within the first hour of it airing. Well, if Dr Dre’s cat is having a birthday party and you’re invited, this might just be the perfect gift.

But presumably, all of this was done in order to draw attention to the year-old Sol Republic company and its headphones aimed at a more bipedal end user. The company is donating all proceeds of the Professor Meowington PhD Cat Headphones to the American Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals.

The mock infomercial that has seen sales of the headphones skyrocket can be viewed below.

Source: Sol Republic