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Solar Daypacks recharge personal electronics on the go

Solar Daypacks recharge personal electronics on the go
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April 30, 2005 Juice Bags is a line of urban daypacks that fuse technology and environmentalism by integrating carrying cases with high-efficiency solar panels that convert sunshine into electricity. The bags let you take your cell phone, MP3 player or PDA wherever you go and charge them using sunlight.

“Juice Bags offer freedom,” says Reware’s Henry Gentenaar, “the freedom to disconnect from the electrical grid, the freedom to roam about, and the freedom to protect the planet.” Reware says Juice Bags give users perpetual power with the added advantage of using the sun’s clean power for charging gear. With an output of nearly 7 watts, Juice Bags give users the option of taking their personal electronic devices wherever they go for an “unplugged” experience. The bags work with both direct sunshine and indirect sunlight, like the light that bounces off the side of a building or reflects off of water.

“Juice Bags are a personal power solution,” explains Gentenaar. “Everyone has a cell phone or PDA or game they want to enjoy wherever they go. The problem is that you don’t always know where you’ll be when the power runs out. With Juice Bags, users just need to use the car lighter adapter approved for their electronic device. The bag makes electricity the moment sunlight hits the bag’s solar panel. It’s up to you to catch it.”

Reware’s Juice Bags include a number of patent-pending features and accessories such as a batteries to capture and store the sun’s energy for later use and with laptops, a dual car lighter adapter socket for plugging in two devices at once, and a special “Zlynk” plug that allows two bags to be connected together for increased power.

“Our goal was to create products that excite people whether they’re familiar with renewable energy or not,” says Gentenaar’s partner, Zachary Lyman. “We believe that what we call “enviro thought” is the next big thing, and that people around the world should be able to access the ambient energy around us easily and at reasonable cost” he says. “People are beginning to put the environment first when they make their purchasing choices. Juice Bags plug people in to that way of thinking.”

Scott Sklar, president of the Stella Group, a Washington-based strategic marketing firm that consults to private companies and government agencies on issues of renewable energy, such as solar power and wind power, is enthusiastic about the product. “This is the type of important innovation that’s called a linkage product,” he says. “Juice Bags make the connection between new technologies and the mass market consumers who can use them. It’s very exciting to see a product like this in the marketplace.”

Juice Bags offer full cargo space for all your goods. Beneath the messenger bag-style outer flap is are zip and mesh closures and a large main space and a padded compartment for comfortable laptop transport, and a tri-carry system of backpack straps, a shoulder strap and a top handle.

Juice Bags are available for US$199.95 at the company web site.

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