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Solo Internet radio features iPhone remote app

Solo Internet radio features i...
Grace Digital Solo Wi-Fi Internet radio
Grace Digital Solo Wi-Fi Internet radio
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Grace Digital Solo Wi-Fi Internet radio
Grace Digital Solo Wi-Fi Internet radio
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If you like to find out what else is on radio, the Grace Digital Solo Wi-Fi Internet radio tuner could be one to add to your collection of music devices. Solo connects to practically any home stereo system or powered speaker set via its stereo RCA jacks and promises easy set up with its built-in Wi-Fi 802.11g card that connects directly to any 802.11b/g/n wireless router. There’s also an free iPhone app that turns your phone into a remote that allows you search, skip, and power the Solo anywhere within range.

The Solo places more than 18,000 radio stations and 35,000 podcasts and on-demand programs in your living room. It’s portable and compatible with most audio devices, like stereos and powered speakers.

The unit has front display controls and a full function remote that give users the ability to stream personal Pandora stations, Sirius Premium Internet Radio, Live365,iheart, NPR and NOAA weather Internet radio stations. The 4-line, adjustable backlit LCD display makes it easy to view your selections, adjust your audio settings and view song title and artist details.

Users can manage their stations directly on the Solo or via Grace Digital Audio’s integrated website where you can search, delete, and add radio stations from your computer (Mac or PC) directly to your radio. Solo comes equipped with a five-function alarm clock, 24-hour sleep timer, and an Internet-synched time and date.

Solo costs US$124.99 and is available online at Grace Digital and will soon be in Best Buy, select Sears stores and regional consumer electronic stores, starting July 2010.

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