Have you ever wondered how the height of kitchen units is determined? It is, of course, by ergonomic average, which, though logical, means they can end up being the wrong height for many people. The new Baselift device lets you raise or lower kitchen units to suit your height.

Quite aside from making food preparation easier, the ability to raise or lower a kitchen unit to the most suitable height for an individual can have an impact on their health and wellbeing. It ensures that users need neither lean downward or stretch upward, helping to minimize the chance of back, neck and shoulder issues.

The idea itself was conceived by Per Ploug, who developed a prototype with Danish firm Sønderborg Køkkenet. After some testing, it was decided that additional help would be needed to realize the concept. Ploug and Sønderborg Køkkenet partnered with Linak, whose expertise in electric linear actuation was able to help being Baselift to fruition.

The system comprises a number of specially developed actuator units that are all connected to a central control unit. The units can be retrofitted to existing kitchen cabinets, but, for ease, are best fitted when a kitchen is first installed. They are powered from a mains socket inside the unit. The actuators can each lift 150 kg (331 lb) and 6-8 units are typically used for for a 900 x 2,400-mm (35 x 94-in) kitchen unit.

Users are advised that the ideal height for a unit is 10-15 cm (3.9 - 5.9 in) below their elbows and can control the Baselift system to achieve this by pressing simple up or down buttons attached to the kitchen unit. The units can be raised or lowered by up to 10 cm, with concertina plinthing around the bottom used to maintain the aesthetic of the unit.

The Baselift system was launched by Sønderborg Køkkenet earlier this year. Pricing depends on the weight of the kitchen unit and how many Baselift units are required. According to the company, a single kitchen unit installation will cost around 10,000 DKK (US$1,525).

The video below shows the Baselift system in action.

Source: Baselift

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