Last week, Sony confirmed the existence of a more powerful version of its PS4 console, named the PlayStation 4K. It also confirmed that the system wouldn't be shown off at E3, leaving us wondering what the company's presentation would contain. Well, despite the absence of the new hardware, the event didn't disappoint, with a host of new game reveals, as well as more in-depth looks at previously-announced titles. Read on for our roundup of the biggest news from Sony at this year's E3.

One of the biggest titles revealed at the show (though it was extensively leaked a few months back) was a new Norse-themed God of War. The gameplay demo was well paced and featured violent action, with weighty character movement and rich, glossy visuals. We can't wait to get our hands on this one, but with no release window announced, it's likely some way off.

One of the big moments of the showcase was Sony revealing that another fan-favorite series, Crash Bandicoot, is also finally getting some much-requested love. There's no full blown sequel in the works (at least not that we know of), but the first two games in the franchise are being remade for the PS4. There was no gameplay on display at the show, and no release date announced, but when it does arrive, it's sure to be one hell of a trip down memory lane.

A number of previously-announced games were also given a few minutes during the presentation. Horizon: Zero Dawn, which pits bow-and-arrow wielding humans against robotic dinosaurs, was given some gameplay show time and looks fast-paced and compelling. Set to arrive in February 2017.

A trailer was also shown for The Last Guardian, providing another look at the atmospheric third-person game. For fans of the title, which has been the subject of a lengthy, troubled development, the most important information came at the end of the clip, in the form of a release date: October 25 this year.

Games for Sony's PlayStation VR headset, which is launching in the US on October 13, took up a significant portion of the event. Gameplay of first-person horror title Resident Evil: Biohazard was revealed. It's set to launch in January 2017, and will be playable with or without the headset.

There were also brief reels for other virtual reality titles, including a Star Wars: Battlefront X-wing pilot simulator experience, a mysterious-looking Batman: Arkham VR experience being developed by Rocksteady, and a glimpse at a virtual reality Final Fantasy XV tie-in.

All in all, Sony's VR headset will have 50 games launching alongside of it when it arrives on October 13. Unfortunately it doesn't look like Sony is doing anything about its sketchy motion controls before then.

Elsewhere, post-apocalyptic third-person title Days Gone, which features a motorcycle gang at the end of the world, was shown. And a new game from developer Quantic Dream called Detroit: Become Human was given a lengthy trailer. It's all about the relationship between humans and life-like androids, with the player's decisions having a big impact on what goes on.

The most exciting part of the entire showcase was also its most mysterious reveal. We've known for a while that Metal Gear-creator Hideo Kojima's next game will be a PlayStation exclusive, but that's about all we knew about it. Things are still pretty vague, but we now have a little more information.

The one thing we know for sure is that the game is called Death Stranding. The trailer makes for a mysterious watch, featuring piles of dead fish, levitating figures, a disappearing baby, and a naked Norman Regis (who stars in the game). In other words, the weird and wonderful mind of Kojima is back in action, and you should definitely be excited.

The last big reveal of the show came in the form of a trailer for a new Spider-Man game from developer Insomniac, being created for the PS4. With the exception of Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham series, superhero games tend to be average at best, but this new title is looking promising, with strong visuals and fast-paced fluid action.

That's all the major announcements and reveals from Sony this year (a replay of the press event can be viewed on PlayStation's YouTube channel). PlayStation gamers have a lot to be excited about, with big exclusives like God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn on the, well, horizon, as well as the launch of PlayStation VR in just a few short months. We've got our fingers crossed for the new platform, but have some significant concerns about its yesteryear motion controls.

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