Sony has announced the development of a highly efficient RGB laser light source module that, thanks to its high scalability, is suitable for use with projectors of all sizes and promises outstanding performance as well as power efficiency. The module incorporates high-power lasers with a combined output power of 21W in a single, small package.

The module uses semiconductor diodes for the red and blue lasers, and a compact, high power solid-state SHG laser for the green. The technology for both the red and green lasers was developed by Sony and allows for an overall 110W energy consumption at 5,000 lumens (or 21W), for a very respectable 18% energy conversion ratio — which is very high for power visible lasers.

One of the great features of the device is its scalability, as multiple modules can be stacked and used for 10,000 lumen large screen projectors and even digital cinema projectors, while obtaining noticeably higher brightness, better contrast and a wider color gamut compared with traditional xenon lamps.

Higher energy efficiency means the cooling mechanisms could be simplified to allow for a smaller size (152mm x 114mm x 30.5mm) and, with an average lifespan of 10,000 hours, the laser module is between 3 and 20 times more durable than traditional xenon lamps, cutting maintenance costs considerably.