Sony has added to the functionality of its NEX-5R and NEX-6 mirrorless cameras with the launch of two new PlayMemories Camera Apps. Light Shaft is a tool which lets users add a dramatic ray of light to their photos, while the altogether more useful-sounding Motion Shot app identifies the moving subject in a high-speed burst of frames and merges them into a single image.

In the age of photographically-capable smartphones and Android-toting cameras, there are a plethora of photography apps out there, but few which run on dedicated and capable cameras. Notable exceptions are the selection of PlayMemories Camera Apps which Sony introduced last year with its NEX-5R and NEX-6.

Since then there have been few updates, but Sony has now released the two new apps which can be purchased and downloaded to the cameras via their Wi-Fi connections or a connected computer.

Light Shaft

Light Shaft can be used to add a burst of light to images, with effects including Ray, Star, Flare and Beam. Users can select the position of their light source via the touchscreen and then adjust the angle, intensity, length and number of rays in the image before saving. The original un-edited image is also saved.

Motion Shot

Motion Shot takes a high-speed burst of photographs of a moving subject before automatically producing a composite image showing the split-second action. Ideal for shooting extreme sports tricks, as well as fast-moving wildlife, users can choose the sequence length, start/end frames and whether the action should fade-in or out. All of the individual images are also saved alongside the composite image.

Both the Light Shaft and Motion Shot apps are available for download now for a price of US$4.99 each.

Source: Sony

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