Most mobile phones these days also feature MP3 players, allowing you to listen to your favorite music in-between calls. With Sony Ericsson's new MH907 earbuds attached to your compatible phone, all you need do to pause the music and take a call is remove them from your ears. Put one of the buds back in your ear and start your conversation. Remove again to end the conversation, then replace both buds to start the music again. No more buttons to press, simple.

The earphones use what Sony Ericsson calls SensMe Control technology to detect if the earphones are being used or not. When both buds are inserted into the ear, the system tells the mobile phone's player to start playing music. Removing them pauses playback. Re-inserting them will start the audio again.

If a call comes in, just remove the buds to pause the audio. Re-insert one into your ear and chat away using the inbuilt microphone. The MH907 earphones use capacitive sensing technology that makes your body act like a circuit. Completing and breaking the circuit allows you to take control of your phone, so it won't accidentally answer calls while sitting in your pocket.

When you've finished chatting, take out the bud and re-insert both buds to start the music again. It's probably the kind of thing you'd do anyway when you get a call but without the need to disconnect the earphones or fiddle around with any buttons.

They come with three silicon buds for adaptable comfort, a shirt clip, an oxygen-free copper cord and they even work as an FM antenna for the phone. Available in titan chrome or yellow/white, you'll first need to visit Sony Ericsson's website to check mobile phone compatibility, as the lack of a 3.5mm connector means that you'll only be able to use them on phones with a Fast Port connector. US availability has not yet been announced but they should be available in Europe in the next few weeks, and will cost around €39.

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