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Sony offers location-free portable broadband TV

Sony offers location-free portable broadband TV
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Anticipating the broadband age of mobile lifestyles and high speed network connectivity, Sony Electronics has shown what it calls the 'LocationFree concept', a portable personal broadband LCD television system that can be carried virtually anywhere. Innovative Dual Band Wireless Transmission Technology enables the lightweight, touch-screen LCD monitor to provide video and TV viewing and full internet connectivity including web surfing and email. Comprised of a 12.1-inch wireless touch screen LCD monitor and a base station, the personal TV system uses the industry's first dual band wireless connection and high speed Ethernet port to transmit data, transforming it into a mobile video entertainment powerhouse that allows users to enjoy television, video, internet browsing/streaming, video, e-mail, and digital photos - all without a PC.

It can also be used to control most major brand A/V components in the home. "This unique product demonstrates the seamless fusion of traditional TV and broadband IT technology," according to Tim Baxter of Sony Electronics' Home Products Division. "It's a location free TV that's perfect for those without a laptop PC or who simply do not want the hassle of complicated hook-ups, synching and downloading the way you must do now if you want mobile entertainment using PC-based systems." The innovative system uses advanced dual band wireless transmission technology delivering the most stable wireless performance.

It employs the IEEE 802.11a/11b/11g for a wide selection of transmission channels and switches the channel for minimised interference when used up to 100 feet from the base station.The portable 12-inch TV (800 x 600 SVGA LCD panel) delivers improved video and audio quality from various content sources using high performance circuitries found in high-end TV sets. Among them: 3D Y/C separation circuitry for a clear, vivid picture and colour blur reduction; angled line correction circuitry for smoothing out jagged lines; motion adaptive I/P conversion circuitry for improving fast moving action scenes; and digital audio amplifier circuitry for crisp sound and minimized distortion. Additionally, viewers can "freeze "and save a TV scene (image of an actor, recipe, 1-800 number, etc) by using the "capture "button on the monitor.

Another function that sets it apart from other portable TVs is its high-speed broadband capability. Featuring a wireless connection to the base station, users can easily and quickly access the web via a dedicated Internet browser. Using the on-screen keyboard, users can exchange e-mail, shop on-line and enjoy Internet streaming contents like music videos and Internet radio.In addition to being a monitor, the unit can morph into a digital photo album. W ith its built-in memory and Memory Stick media slot, it can display digital images as well as MPEG files.

It can also display a slide show using saved images sent via e-mail, stored on the unit or Memory Stick media or using TV images. Users can print what they see on the monitor by hooking up a printer to the USB port on the base station. Simply press the "Print" icon on the monitor to print homepage data, e-mail attachments and digital images from any location within the transmission perimeter. A printer connected to the unit's base station can also accept print commands from a PC. "Weighing less than an average laptop PC and with so much added functionality, speed and power, it's a multi-tasking chameleon of a product," Baxter added.

The base station houses a NTSC tuner, built-in 56K modem, Ethernet port for broadband compatibility and multiple connections for A/V components and other peripherals. There are two AV inputs, an S-Video, USB port and IR blaster.The LCD monitor, which weighs around two kilograms and also includes an Ethernet port for broadband compatibility as well as a USB port, Memory Stick media slot, headphone jack, keyboard port and an AV input for connecting to a camcorder. The monitor can be used to enjoy video and broadband contents from anywhere outside of the transmission area.

It can deliver favourite video contents from the base station via state-of-the-art secured device authentication and encryption technology to Wi- Fi hot spots and Ethernet ports found in hotels, airports and other locations. For business travellers and road warriors, an additional smaller portable monitor will also be available as an option. This means your TV is no longer confined to your living room. You can carry the portable monitor anywhere - from the local coffee shop for browsing the weekend paper on-line to your hotel room on vacation or a business trip where you can catch up on your favourite video contents.The new wireless personal broadband TV and the optional monitor will be available later this year.

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