Project Morpheus is no more. But fear not, as Sony isn't killing off its upcoming virtual reality hardware. Instead, it's rebranding it with a much more consumer-friendly moniker: PlayStation VR. Other Sony news from the Tokyo Games Show included a price drop for the PS4 in Japan, as well as future accessory and software releases.

Despite high-profile previews from companies like Oculus and HTC, right now there aren't many full-consumer VR headsets you can buy. But 2016 should be a big year in the space, as we'll see the consumer launch of the Oculus Rift, a big event in the transition of VR headsets from developer toys to something end users will get to experience in a polished form.

With a big year ahead, it makes sense for Sony to give its hardware a more straightforward name, and one that brands it as the headset to watch out for if you're a PlayStation 4 home console gamer. Unfortunately, the PlayStation VR is still a ways off (Sony is shooting for the first half of 2016), with the company currently working to refine the hardware and bring big software developers on board.

Sony also announced some new PS4 controllers at the Tokyo Game Show press event. Available in gold, silver, black steel and transparent crystal finishes, the new pads will launch in November in Japan for 6,480 yen (US$54). The company is yet to supply info on US release and pricing.

On the games front, the PS Vita title Gravity Rush will be remastered and released on the PS4 in February 2016, with a sequel to follow on the console somewhere down the line. It was also revealed that an expansion for the popular (and excellent) PS4 exclusive title Bloodborne, known as The Old Hunters, will arrive on November 24 this year.

The PS4 will also be getting a price cut down to 35,000 yen (around US$290) in Japan, but there's no indication that will be echoed in the US and elsewhere.

Source: Sony

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