Either my ears provide a tight fit or I’m just not as active as I should be, but I wasn’t aware that earbuds falling out was a major problem. For those that do experience such heartbreak Sony has come up with a solution in the form of its new Qlasp bud headphones. The headphones feature a nifty “qlasp” that clips to the wearer’s earlobes to ensure they stay put even during the most extreme physical activities.

Although at first glance they might look about as comfortable as clipping a clothes peg to your ear, the clips are apparently more snug than tight to ensure a comfortable fit without slippage. They are attached by placing the earbud inside the ear and then rotating the clip to fit over the earlobe. On the sound front the Qlasp headphones include 9mm drivers with a frequency response of 6 to 23,000 Hz.

The Qlasp earbuds are part of Sony’s new PIIQ line that also includes over the ear and clipless earbud designs. Coming in a variety of eye-catching color combinations seems to confirm Sony’s targeting of the young, hip and active with the PIIQ line.

Sony’s PIIQ line of headphones are available now with the Qlasp earbuds selling for US$24.99.