When you hear the word "Walkman" you probably envision an 80s and 90s-era cassette player with AM/FM stereo and headphones. It's a far cry from Sony's Walkman B170 line which features small (only 28g or 1oz) colorful, and sound-rich MP3 players bearing the Walkman logo.

This latest update to the product line promises rich and vibrant sound with a bass boost button to shore up the low-end that is often lacking in portable devices. While the bass boost is enabled, the Walkman displays a color-matched LED on the front which pulses in time with the music.

Another feature worth mentioning is something Sony calls "ZAPPIN" which scans your library and plays previews of each track. When you find a song you want to listen to you press the "ZAP" button to hear the song in its entirety.

Battery life is certainly an asset for the B170. Sony claims that three minutes charging time is all it takes for 90 minutes playback. So even if you are always forgetting to charge your MP3 player before hitting the gym - like me - its nice to know that a three minute quick charge will give you enough battery life to make it through your workout. Once you get to the gym, clip it onto your clothing with the included clip, power it on and you are ready to go. A fully charged Walkman gets approximately 18 hours of battery life.

Sony is offering a 2GB and 4GB version with the 2GB holding approximately 440 songs and the 4GB 990. The new Walkman B170 connects your computer via and in-built USB connector (as long as you're running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7). Transferring music from your PC to your Walkman is done via a drag-and-drop process with no need to install additional software.

The update is expected to hit stores at the end of this month and pricing will likely be in the GBP30-35 range.

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