Those who subscribe to the theory that we’re part of the ‘YouTube generation’ will be more than aware of how important it is for budding directors/rubber-neckers to have a video camera on them at all times, and if your mobile phone isn’t up to the task there are a range of portable offerings available that are designed for just such a purpose. Perhaps the most famous of these is Pure Digital’s Flip, which got rave reviews on release and is many a teenager’s tool of choice when it comes to capturing those unforgettable moments. Now it has a serious rival from Sony.

Far be it for Sony to miss out on a burgeoning tech-market but, as expected, it's upping the ante with the new MHS-PM1 portable video camera. Capable of recording high definition MP4 video at 1440x1080 resolution and 30fps, it’ll also capture 5MP still images, has a 270 degree swivel lens and a 4x digital zoom.

A range of scene selection modes help to improve images at the flick of a switch and the built-in Sharemark software means that after viewing media on the 1.8” LCD display it can be converted and uploaded directly to Picasa Albums, Youtube or Dailymotion by simply connecting the device to a computer.

The MHS-PM1 is currently available in the US for USD$149.99, though it’s significantly more expensive in Europe.

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