Generally, when you think of headphones, you imagine small speakers that either sit in or over your ear. The Sound Band is different, as it doesn't feature any speakers at all. Instead, it uses surface sound technology, which means the user's ears are left open to take in the sounds around them.

Basically, the headphones send tiny vibrations through the back of the ear, which is how the user is able to hear without blocking outside noise. Additionally, this method of transmitting sound makes the headphones silent to others, so users can listen as loud as they want without interfering in the lives of others.

The video below provides a demonstration of the Sound Band.

The headset is wireless, connecting to smartphones through Bluetooth. Besides listening to music, the Sound Band also comes with dual omnidirectional microphones, so users can make calls. As you might expect, they additionally feature noise reduction and echo cancellation technology to help create clearer sound for the person on the other end.

The team behind Sound Band have worked through many iterations over the course of the last few years before finally coming up with the final production model. At first, it was just a proof of concept to let people see how surface sound would work, but now it actually looks like a pretty stylish and functional device.

In the final version, the back of the band features buttons designed to perform various functions. Users can answer a call, power the device on and off, adjust the volume, and so on. The buttons are located behind the head, which means that users will have to grow accustomed to the feel of the buttons to use them.

Hybra Advance Technology, the company responsible for the Sound Band, is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. Backers have already funded enough to send the project sailing past its US$175,000 goal. For buyers interested in owning a Sound Band of their own, a pledge of $135 is required.

The Kickstarter pitch video below provides more information on the Sound Band.

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