Gaming might seem like an obvious application for virtual reality technology, but it can also be used to tap into your creative side. Drawing and sculpting programs like Tilt Brush and Medium are good examples. And in that vein comes the music-making suite SoundStage, which lets you set up a music studio and jam away without having to sound-proof a spare room or spend thousands on heavy equipment and instruments. The only hardware you'll need is a HTC Vive.

The brainchild of solo developer Logan Olson, SoundStage looks a bit like a VR version of GarageBand. Budding musicians are given a veritable toy box to play with, including keyboards, electro-maracas, theremins and drums to rock out on without bugging the neighbors. Amps, synthesizers and speakers are wired up by drawing connections through the air, and laid out around the virtual room to your liking.

There's a bunch of samples to experiment with, and the developer promises other "tools only possible in a virtual environment." The Early Access title, which means that the suite is still in development, is wrapped up in a bright neon styling and available now on Steam Early Access for HTC Vive for US$9.99

You can see it in action in the video below.

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