Folding bicycles are a great idea, in theory. In practice, they often provide a poor riding experience and can be a hassle to stow away. Budapest-based designer Simon Hukaya believes he’s solved both these issues with SPACE – a concept folding bicycle which sports a one-touch unfolding mechanism and 20-inch wheels.

Like other folding bicycles, SPACE is primarily designed to be used as a “last mile” transport solution, folding up neatly when a daily commute necessitates hopping aboard a train, tram, or bus. However, Hukaya states that its 20-inch wheels, which are spaced relatively far apart, allow SPACE to handle better than one might expect from a bike of its type.

The folding mechanism implemented in SPACE consists of a threaded rotation point which pushes the frame out of the original plane and allows the two wheels to come together, while a lock prevents accidental release.

To fold the bicycle, the user presses a button to release the folding mechanism and bring the bike together. To unfold is similarly effortless and involves simply pressing the same button and releasing the two wheels, allowing the resulting momentum to move the bike into the correct shape.

Once duly folded, SPACE measures just 91 x 68 x 47 cm (roughly 35 x 27 x 18 inches) and while in this position, it can also be pulled along by the handlebars to allow easier transportation on foot.

SPACE is still firmly a concept at present, and we've not heard word as to if, or when, Hukaya aims to bring it to market.

Source: Behance via Ecochunk

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