The bustling Spanish city of Barcelona attracts thousands of tourists each year and is renowned for its world heritage sites which include several masterpieces by the 19th century Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. In stark contrast to the city’s various attractions steeped in history, art and culture, Barcelona could host Europe’s first man-made island and "space hotel." Barcelona Island would feature a 984 ft high hotel which promises “the world's first zero-gravity spa” – whatever that means.

US-based company Mobilona is currently on a mission to construct so-called space hotels around the world and has confirmed plans for a €1.5 billion (US$1.9 billion) initial investment for the development of Barcelona Island.

Visitors would be able to reach the futuristic tourist attraction via a pedestrian walkway stretching across the sea from the mainland. On the island tourists can experience a form of weightlessness in vertical wind tunnel or visit the 24-hour "Space Mall."

"The windows of Mobilona Space Hotels will be transparent glass displays that can be turned on during 'flights' and turned off when guests want to return from their 'Space Trip,'" says Mobilona Global CEO Jerome Bottari.

Barcelona’s mayor, Xavier Trias, has dismissed initial interest in the project even though City Hall will continue to review the proposal. "We have no need or desire to take on projects of this nature," Trias told Catalan news channel 3/24. "We have no intention of turning Barcelona into a spectacle."

However this has not deterred Mobilona, who has its sights on further Space Hotel projects proposed for Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

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