• Moon Hoon recently completed a futuristic multi-purpose building located near Seoul. Dubbed Mars, the three-story structure stands out amid its stark environment, not too dissimilar to a foreign building being placed on its namesake planet.
  • Margot Krasojević has unveiled a new conceptual work, and as usual, it's thought-provoking, abstract, and ambitious. The proposal envisions a coastal sculpture gallery that uses hydroelectric energy to power up to 200 homes.
  • Margot Krasojević's futuristic aesthetic as well as the eco and energy efficiency considerations she incorporates into her projects makes for some fascinating concepts. The latest project is a proposed crematorium, memorial space and – if the renderings are anything to go by – a skatepark.
  • What's going to happen to F1 when it goes fully electric, and today's lack of overtaking joins tomorrow's lack of sound to create the fastest yawn-fest on wheels? McLaren's been thinking about how to save top-tier motorsport in the future, and has presented a vision for a 2050 electric Grand Prix.
  • Folks looking for a last mile transport solution have choice-a-plenty nowadays, but the CanguRo offers more than just a comfy ride. The RidRoid robot has some useful smarts cooked in, being able to follow its user around between rides, or make its way to a meeting point on its own.
  • Margot Krasojević regularly produces thought-provoking architectural concepts. Her latest work envisions a futuristic hotel that makes use of tidal energy to produce its own electricity and would move with the tide in a way likened to surfing.
  • ​Sci-fi is now the mainstream and we’re seeing millions spent bringing stories to the screen that are gloriously weird and fantastically futurist. Here are our picks looking forward to 2018 on both the big and small screens, from blockbuster sci-fi spectacle to compelling hard science speculations.
  • Driven by incredible advances in engineering technologies, futurist architecture in the 21st century has resulted in strange alien structures. From starchitect Zaha Hadid to the expansive MAD Architects, we take a look at some stunning 21 century examples of futurist architecture.
  • It looks 3D-printed but the Eagle from Spain's David Flores Loredo is actually fashioned from wood. The futuristic-looking guitar sports a body that's full of shapely holes to help cut down on weight, has recently taken top honors in a global design competition, and is now on its way to production.
  • Anti-virus and cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab has released an esoteric collaborative art project that sets its sights on what the world will be like in 2050. Artists, futurists and scientists have been asked to contribute their predictions. Here's our favourite good, bad and weird ideas.
  • ​Fans of science fiction movies that depict weird, interesting or dystopian futures have plenty to look forward to in 2017. Here are our picks of the movies you should put on your radar if you enjoy cinematic depictions of future technology.
  • Those of a certain age and a certain bent can’t fail to look at this depiction of a space station without a sense of 70s nostalgia. Easy to mistake as speculative fiction, such images are the fruit of the collective brains of NASA, Princeton and Stanford. Here’s some of what they came up with …
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