Further to pushing the boundaries of space exploration with its Falcon 9 rocket, SpaceX is also changing the game in terms of how us Earthlings keep track of such spacefaring exploits. The latest video to emerge from the private company's well-oiled PR machine gets up close and personal with its rocketry as it burns through a series of launches and re-entries.

There is already plenty of footage of SpaceX's rocket launches (and landings), but Elon Musk's company just seems to keep finding new angles for us to enjoy. For its latest showreel, it has used a high-speed camera to capture the fiery force of its Falcon 9 rocket in action over the past year or so.

The slow-motion clip doesn't run for too long, but shows the rocket firing up for last May's JCSAT-14 mission, December's historic Orbcomm-2 landing, along with July's CRS-9 mission launch, stage separation, engine plume in action and re-entry and landing burns. All with some suitably eerie music laid over the top.

Between this and NASA's stunning high-dynamic range capture of its Space Launch System test that surfaced yesterday, it has been a pretty solid 24 hours for aerospace cinematography.

You can check out SpaceX's video below, it's well worth a look.

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