Falling asleep at the wrong time is apparently a bigger problem than many people may realize. Along with the various systems aimed at keeping drivers awake, we've also recently seen a headset and an earpiece designed to let users know when they're inappropriately drifting off. While those devices have to be worn specifically for that purpose, the Spark takes the form of something you'd have on anyway – a watch.

Along with a time display, the Spark also features two integrated motion sensors. One of those (a three-axis accelerometer) detects the velocity of the user's movements, while the other (a 3D motion frequency sensor) measures how often those movements occur.

That data is processed using an algorithm that establishes a movement pattern for the user. When the watch senses that it's remained relatively "unmoved" for too long a period of time, it activates its adjustable 12-volt vibration motor to buzz the user awake.

When users want to grab a nap, go to bed, or just take the watch off for a while, they simply take it out of "Spark mode."

The watch itself is water-resistant, has a stainless steel case, a 240 x 240 1.63-inch full-color LED screen, and weighs 100 grams. In its current prototype form, one charge of its lithium-ion battery is good for approximately six days of use – its designers are looking into longer-lasting types of batteries, such as lithium titanate.

Blanc, the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based startup behind the Spark, is now raising production funds on Kickstarter. A pledge of US$49 will get you a watch of your own, when and if they reach production. The planned retail price is $149.

More information is available in the pitch video below.

Sources: Blanc, Kickstarter

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