The now ubiquitous iPod docking station continues to appear in an ever more imaginative number of guises, with the iCrystal from Speakal being no exception. Serving up a stylish dose of retro aesthetics with a futuristic twist, it combines unique looks with multiple control options and portability.

Aiming to give the listener “360 degrees of sound” the iCrystal features two separate spherical pods housing “illuminated teardrops that shed a gentle ambient blue light around the rim of the speaker." Weighing around 2lbs and measuring 4.72 x 11.61 x 5.31 inches, the unit features both onboard touch and remote controls, as well as the option of stylish tunes on the go, courtesy of four AA batteries.

The streamlined iCrystal offers an audio output of 3W per speaker and forgoes several bells and whistles like a clock display or FM tuner, although it does offer a 3.5mm input, potentially expanding compatibility beyond iPods and iPhones to include other audio sources.

Recognized as a finalist by iLounge at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, the iCrystal is available in red, black or white and retails for US$79.99 from the Speakal website.

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