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Eyeteq is claimed to improve TV viewing for the colorblind

Eyeteq is claimed to improve T...
An Eyeteq-enhanced digital image
An Eyeteq-enhanced digital image
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An Eyeteq-enhanced digital image
An Eyeteq-enhanced digital image

There may soon be help for red-green colorblind TV viewers. University of East Anglia spinoff company Spectral Edge has announced its Eyeteq system, which reportedly "allows color-blind viewers to better differentiate between red and green when watching programs, allowing them to see details they previously could not."

Eyeteq utilizes mathematical perception models developed by the university's Colour and Vision Group, which selectively "remap" colors on a frame-by-frame basis. As a result, colorblind viewers are better able to see the color difference between red and green items in video images.

This is reportedly not the same as other approaches in which reds and greens are simply substituted with other less problematic colors. According to the company, its test have shown that colorblind viewers strongly dislike images that have been altered in that fashion.

Not only is Eyeteq-treated video less funny-looking to the colorblind, but it's claimed to also look normal (in a vividly-colored kind of way) to people who aren't colorblind.

Spectral Edge is making the technology available to consumer electronics manufacturers and TV service providers, for integration into set top boxes. Users could enable it simply by going into the Accessibility menu.

Source: Eyeteq

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