Lighting can make or break a photo or video shoot, but lugging heavy equipment bags to locations can be a real drag. The folks at Spiffy Gear have developed a modular LED lighting system that's described as being the only lighting modifier you'll need. The core Spekular kit is made up of four high brightness LED light bars that can be used independently or together to form catchlights in a subject's eyes – including a funky star.

The basic Spekular kit comprises four LED bars which can be arranged in whatever shape is needed for a particular shoot – square, triangle, light strips, soft boxes, and so on. Each strip can throw out the equivalent of a 150 W halogen lamp, but can also be dimmed for flicker-free project flexibility. The system is guaranteed color accurate (94+ CRI and 96+ TLCI), too, to save time correcting such things in post-production.

The light bars are constructed from tough and lightweight aluminum, and link together using hinged ABS connectors. And if four lights prove too limiting, more can be added to the system (at additional cost). With the addition of another four lights and a special adapter, for example, portrait subjects can have a stunning star shape reflected in their eyes. Configurations can be setup as one light source or split into separate units.

The core kit is available now for US$650, and comprises four light bars, four hinged connectors and mounting gear all packed in a supplied carry case. An optional four light expansion pack is available for $130, the star adapter comes in at another $130 and a battery adapter for mobile shoots costs a further $130.

Though the full Spekular package can seem quite pricey, buyers need only opt for what they need and the modular approach does mean that the kit bag only need contain the number of strips needed for a shoot – no more, no less. The short video below introduces the system.

Source: Spiffy Gear

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