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Get A Good Night's Sleep With HILU

Get A Good Night's Sleep With HILU
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If you're one of those who wake up in a sweat every night, there's finally a solution to your problem.

Introducing HILU, the natural thermoregulating blanket that will keep you cool (or warm) all night long, depending on how you sleep. It recently launched on Indiegogo as the ultimate blanket for all seasons, made from pure graphene fiber.

Graphene is the thinnest material known to man, but it is solid, more than 200 times stronger than steel. Additionally, graphene has exciting properties for absorbing light and conducting heat.

That is why HILU blankets are now changing the way you sleep. Traditional blankets trap heat, causing hot sleepers to be even hotter. In contrast, cold sleepers often feel cold since these blankets do not insulate well.

In the blanket, HILU uses Adaptex Technology to naturally react to your body's temperature, keeping you comfortable all night.

When you're cold, HILU's fibers absorb the coldness and let out warm air to keep you warm. When you're hot, it absorbs the heat from your skin and releases cool air to keep you cool.

So whether you're a hot or cold sleeper, HILU always lets you get a good night's sleep.

This miracle fabric is made through a process called "Wet Spinning," which is very similar to making Kevlar, the bulletproof material. The process produces stronger fabric than steel yet retains its lightness, softness, and comfort.

It's so sturdy that you can't even cut it, as the creators challenged you to do so. They are so confident in their craftsmanship that they are backing it up with a TEN (10) YEAR WARRANTY.

Despite the power-packed graphene technology, HILU blankets are made from a gentle, soft fabric that doesn't irritate your skin.

With pure graphene fiber, this blanket is both soft and comfortable and anti-microbial. You won't have to worry about germs getting on your blanket because it stays clean and fresh for a long time.

Many also asked if graphene is safe. The answer is yes. As soon as the single-layer graphene is processed into graphene fiber, it’s entirely safe. You also have IGCC and OEKO-TEX100 certifications to prove this.

Available in full/queen size 203 cm x 229 cm (80 in x 90 in) and king 229 x 229 cm (90in c 90 in) it comes in color gray with the following stitching color choices: gray, blue, and green.

HILU is also incredibly easy to take care of. Simply machine wash gently with cold water and tumble dry low or line dry.

People who are always chilly or hot, active lifestylers, skin-sensitive individuals, those with sleep disorders, and even our pets find that a HILU blanket lets them sleep better.

Some raves:

"HILU is my lifesaver. Unfortunately, my body temperature fluctuates, which causes me to have a hard time falling asleep. But, after using HILU for three months, I've fallen in love with this special blanket. I'm amazed by its fabric technology. I've slept so much better throughout the night. I wish they'll make bedsheets out of this fabric too!"
–Renee G. 

"When you hold this blanket, it's cool to the touch. The fabric is amazingly durable. I was skeptical at first, but after using this blanket for a while now, I can vouch for it. My hot flashes have improved, and I don't wake up at night anymore."
–Deena A.

Almost everyone chases that good night's rest. That's how HILU started because nothing had worked for the founder. So to solve the billion-dollar problem of how to get the best sleep every night, the creators got together to create an incredibly awesome blanket.

Combining science, design, and engineering, they developed a smooth and silky fabric with natural temperature-regulating properties. As a result, the perfect night's sleep is made possible by a material that regulates our body temperature throughout the night.

You should check out HILU if you want a blanket that regulates your body temperature while you sleep. With pure graphene and Adaptex technology, the HILU blanket will give you restful sleep. It also comes in various stitching colors for you to choose from.

The HILU is available on Indiegogo for pre-order at an affordable price of $180. HILU has already begun production and will start shipping in February 2023.

HILU - Natural Thermoregulating Sleep Blanket

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