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How to get unlimited internet in the US

How to get unlimited internet in the US
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Whether you're taking selfies with the Statue of Liberty, creating epic panoramas in the Grand Canyon, going out of this world at the Kennedy Space Center or serving your time in Alcatraz, you'll want to share your experiences with friends and family. Getting online is easy and fast when you travel with the eSim USA on your cellphone.

It seems impossible but we have the best option for the internet in the USA

Travelers wanting to avoid large roaming bills while abroad have, until recently, needed to buy a physical SIM at a local store upon landing and install it manually in the card slot of a cellphone, tablet or mobile Wi-Fi router. Modern devices now come with a much simpler option – an eSIM.

This technology does the same job as a physical SIM card but is embedded directly into the hardware to operate in addition to a conventional SIM slot or, depending on the mobile device, as eSIM only. Travelers can purchase a Holafly mobile data plan online, scan a QR code into a compatible device and activate for unlimited mobile internet.

How to have an eSIM with unlimited data?

Holafly makes it quick and easy to get high-speed mobile internet while on vacation in the USA.

Travelers will first need to check for device compatibility, and then navigate to the Holafly webstore to buy an international travel eSIM for the USA plan.

An email is sent to the buyer upon purchase, which contains a QR code for scanning into the compatible mobile device using its camera.

This activates the unlimited data plan for the number of days selected at purchase.

After data roaming is enabled in settings, the traveler can get online to browse the web, share photos to social media or chat with loved ones over WhatsApp.

How to configure your eSIM for data on your device

Before getting on the airplane for your vacation in the USA, you'll need to add a data plan in settings and then scan the QR code sent via email using the device's camera.

A specific name can be assigned to the new plan, for easy switching between the original plan from your service provider and the Holafly mobile data plan.

When you land in the USA, go to settings and enable mobile data and data roaming. You now have unlimited data to browse the web for the period of time selected at purchase. Here's a video to help you with it:

Holafly Tutorial: How can I install and activate the eSIM on my iPhone?

Holafly's eSIM USA is your perfect travel companion when heading Stateside. It lets you keep in touch with everyone back home and stay connected while on vacation in the USA. Getting started is as easy as buying online and scanning a QR code with your phone. No waiting. No paperwork.

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