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Lightspeed tells the story of your business

Lightspeed tells the story of ...
More than just a POS, Lightspeed is a one-stop management shop for small business owners
More than just a POS, Lightspeed is a one-stop management shop for small business owners
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More than just a POS, Lightspeed is a one-stop management shop for small business owners
More than just a POS, Lightspeed is a one-stop management shop for small business owners
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Managing the many moving parts of a business – be it bricks-and-mortar, online, or both – can be a stressful experience, but having a central hub to keep tabs on all the essential functions sure can lighten the load. The Lightspeed all-in-one commerce platform is a decidedly clean and powerful solution that lets business owners streamline everyday tasks and focus their attention on more important matters, like growth and sales.

Whether it's running a small vintage clothing store or operating a thriving cafe, business owners need to juggle many balls to achieve success. There are orders to place and inventory to manage, service standards to maintain and staff to pay. For so long, small business owners have relied on a patchwork of solutions to manage these essential operations, drawing on things like spreadsheets, log books, paper receipts and slow and painstaking data entry.

The cloud-based Lightspeed system is a one-stop shop that ropes all of this functionality into one clean and simple interface. The software can be customized to suit the objectives of the business by integrating with popular tools such as Xero, KeyPay, OrderUp!, MYOB, Mr Yum, Loke and LivenPay, offering access to these services via one intuitive dashboard.

Suitable for both online and physical stores, the Retail POS System is built to help small and medium-sized business owners thrive, with a suite of smart management tools. Physical inventory can be synchronized with an eCommerce store with a single click, and can be managed from the same POS platform used throughout an owner's physical storefronts. The same system also offers the ability to manage stock levels with automated re-order points, and allows for centralized purchasing from multiple vendors and outlets.

The Lightspeed system also carries a range of customer-oriented features designed to help business owners maintain high levels of service and satisfaction. A customer insight dashboard allows for tracking of spending habits and the creation of rewards programs to encourage loyal clientele, while promotional campaigns can be created with a simple drag and drop email builder.

On top of all this, the engine room of the business can be managed with more than 50 built-in reports covering revenue, profits, sales, inventory and trends. This also covers employee performance, with reporting available on things like units per sale and voids, while even finer detail is available on these metrics through the optional Lightspeed Analytics.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS system for hospitality, meanwhile, offers the same type of streamlined business functionality but tailored to those in the service industry. Menus can be altered easily and on the fly, and can also be synchronized across online storefronts and delivery apps.

Other restaurant-focused features include table turnover management, and streamlined ordering and payments through the iOS and Android POS system for tableside service, which allows for bill splitting and tipping. The kitchen can be kept stocked and waste kept to a minimum through recurring orders and easy direct synching with accounting, while a live recipe margin calculator offers an easy way to work towards improving the bottom line.

In-depth reporting is also available and allows owners to track things like their top-selling and least popular menu items, employee performance over time and attendance records, and revenue broken down into monthly, weekly and daily time-frames.

The Lightspeed system is already in use in well over 100,000 customer locations spread through more than 100 countries around the globe. These customers benefit from unlimited 24/7 support and webinars, demos and videos to show them how to use Lightspeed to take their business to the next level.

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