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VETANYA Reveals Industry's First 960Wh Long-Range Folding Fat-Tire E-Bike

VETANYA Reveals Industry's First 960Wh Long-Range Folding Fat-Tire E-Bike
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"The core intention behind Pika's design was to fulfill the long-range demands of outdoor camping and forest trail riders while ensuring portability for easy car trunk storage, expanding the scope of riding adventures. Consequently, the bike's frame isn't lightweight; it's deliberately sturdier, coupled with fat tires, enhancing its suitability for off-road terrains." VETANYA Bikes

Vetanya, the California-based ebike company, has introduced the compact yet powerful Pika Folding Bike. The Pika features a foldable design, a responsive torque sensor, a safety-certified 20Ah battery, and a robust rear rack.

The Pika is touted as the "first folding bicycle in its category to feature a 20Ah built-in battery on a unibody design."

Product Detail

Initially designed with a cadence sensor, the Pika underwent a modification to include a torque sensor upon its release. The 750-W rear-hub motor offers five levels of pedal-assist, adjusting based on the rider's pedaling speed. While the motor remains the same version, the torque sensor in the bottom bracket ensures that the motor responds to pedal input, providing a more natural and responsive riding experience.

Vetanya suggests that the incorporation of the torque sensor may potentially extend the per-charge Pedal Assist System (PAS) range. The 20Ah battery is estimated to cover around 70 to 90 miles with pedal assistance. This battery is equipped with Samsung cells and is backed by a global warranty, ensuring authenticity and exceptional performance.

The Pika is delivered to customers as a Class 2 ebike, offering motor support across four Pedal Assist System (PAS) levels up to 20 mph. Additionally, it features a thumb throttle and a 7-speed gearset, providing riders with versatile ride options. However, the motor can be unlocked through a controller to achieve Class 3 assisted speeds of up to 28 mph.

This folding ebike is equipped with a full fender to shield riders from dirt and dust. For enhanced safety during both daytime and nighttime riding, it includes a headlight and braking tail-lights.

Notable upgrades include aluminum rims now fitted with larger CHAOYANG tires and Hydraulic disc brakes featuring 180-mm rotors for effective stopping power.

The Pika is offered with a step-through frame option and weighs 72.8 lb (33 kg), making it slightly heavier than some city bikes but still manageable for carrying up office steps.

Why Pika?

In addition to its practical folding design, the Vetanya Pika is thoughtfully equipped with features that enhance both comfort and utility. The adjustable and comfortable seat, combined with shock absorption technology, ensures that riders experience a smooth and stable journey, even over uneven terrains.

The incorporation of a rear rack offers functional versatility, allowing riders to transport goods and gear with ease. Whether it's commuting essentials, groceries, or recreational equipment, the Pika's rear rack provides a convenient solution for carrying items on the go.

For those who require additional storage capacity, the option to add a front basket further expands the Pika's utility. This customizable feature adds to the bike's adaptability, catering to individual preferences and needs.

The front fork's suspension system plays a crucial role in enhancing shock absorption, contributing to an overall smooth ride. This feature becomes especially valuable when navigating bumpy or uneven surfaces, ensuring that riders can enjoy a comfortable journey regardless of the road conditions.

While the Pika may not match the ultra-lightweight profile of some city bikes, its focus on practicality, comfort, and utility makes it a compelling choice for riders seeking a versatile and enjoyable folding ebike experience. Whether it's for daily commuting, recreational outings, or a combination of both, the Vetanya Pika stands out as a reliable and adaptable companion on two wheels.


In the realm of folding fat-tire e-bikes, the Vetanya Pika stands out as a notable contender, offering a unique blend of practicality, comfort, and utility. Whether navigating urban commutes, venturing into off-road terrain, or simply enjoying leisurely rides, the Pika ensure a reliable and efficient performance. This versatility, combined with thoughtful design features, positions the Vetanya Pika as an attractive choice for individuals in search of a folding fat-tire e-bike that seamlessly integrates comfort and functionality. With its impending availability, the Vetanya Pika appears poised to make a significant impact among riders seeking an elevated cycling experience.

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