So, where do you keep your valuable pieces of jewelry and works of art? In a cabinet? No, that just won't do at all. If the movies have taught us anything, it's that valuable items should be stored out in the middle of a big open room, with a network of laser beams surrounding them. While we may be used to seeing such systems portrayed in places like the Louvre or Blofeld's mansion, now you can buy your own - for forty bucks! It's the Spynet Laser Trip Wire system, and it sure is niftier than a "Hands offa my stuff" sticker.

First of all, the system isn't really intended for actual security. Spynet makes high-tech toys for kids, which is what the Laser Trip Wire is sold as. That said, there are probably a lot of driver's-license-having, home-owning "kids" out there who will order this thing.

The system consists of a class 1 laser emitter, two aim-able mirrors, and one receiver. The four pieces can be arranged in pretty much any configuration, as long as the laser beam can reflect unimpeded from point to point, ending up at the receiver (DIY-types could probably add some of their own mirrors to the set-up, if two aren't enough). Should Tom Cruise, Matt Damon or someone else temporarily block that beam, however, an alarm will sound. The system does not include the steel doors that will presumably then slide down, locking the intruder in with their quarry.

The Spynet Laser Trip Wire system is available on ThinkGeek for US$39.99, and requires six AAA batteries.

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