Ladies, I know this may come as a huge surprise to some of you, but ... a lot of guys don’t wash their hands after finishing their business in a public bathroom. It’s true. In order to give such characters less of an excuse for not washing after peeing, a Latvian company known as Stand is now offering a combination sink and urinal. Appropriately enough, it’s called the Tandem.

Looking at the wall-mounted device, one could be forgiven for thinking that it’s designed to let today’s busy multi-taskers get two things done at once ... but that wouldn’t make sense, not in this case. Instead, the idea is that users will have a sink right there in front of them when they’ve finished widdling. That way, they can’t “forget” to wash their hands, as they might do while making the long trek from a conventional urinal to a separate sink.

On the more practical side, the Tandem saves water by reusing the hand-washing water to rinse out the urinal. Presumably it could also allow bathrooms to be more compact and less expensive to build, as it replaces two appliances with one, and thus requires half as much plumbing to be installed.

The Tandem was created by designer Kaspar Jursons. According to a report on PSFK, it’s currently being manufactured on a small scale, is priced at US$590 per unit, and has already found buyers in Norway, Germany, Russia, Poland, and Latvia.

Source: Stand via PSFK

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