The Apple Watch may not be in stores just yet, but that isn't stopping various companies from designing accessories for it. We spotted one such product at CES this week – Standzout's aluminum-bodied Bandstand inductive charging stand.

Users will install Apple's inductive charger (which will be included with the Apple Watch) in the Bandstand's swiveling head, upon which they will subsequently place their watch. To make the device a little more practical, Standzout is also offering a USB charging hub that attaches magnetically beneath its base. Using one 2.4-amp and two 1-amp USB ports, that hub can juice up the user's smartphone and/or tablet.

The Bandstand is still in the near-production phase, with Standzout waiting for Apple to supply the final Apple Watch specs before manufacturing begins. It should be launching around the same time as the watch – early this year. Pricing is estimated at US$100 with the USB charging hub, or $70 without.

Source: Standzout

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