Starbucks has launched its AI-powered voice ordering interface for mobile ordering and paying. Soon, Starbucks app users will be able to remotely order drinks just like they would from an in-store barista.

The Starbucks app has long allowed remote ordering, but not in the conversational mode enabled by a virtual assistant. Citing a desire to personalize the mobile experience, Starbucks is also launching an Amazon Alexa version alongside a mobile app bot.

Starting today, the beta test of on-command ordering via My Starbucks Barista rolls out to select iOS users, automatically integrated as an app update. The Barista feature will allow users to talk or text their order details. The Starbucks Reorder Skill for Amazon Alexa also launches today.

The coffee conglomerate first announced this virtual barista project last December, but just outlined its rollout process. The iOS rollout starts off with one thousand users and will continue through this (Northern hemisphere) summer. An Android version is expected to launch later this year.

Source: Starbucks