Here's an interesting little shelter by London and Melbourne-based practice George King Architects. Dubbed Stargazer's Cabin, it will soon be installed on a beach in Eastbourne, England, and will glow like a lantern and represent star constellations on its facade.

Stargazer's Cabin will sit on concrete foundations and comprise a timber frame. A marine-grade plywood rain screen on its exterior will feature thousands of laser-cut representations of the night sky above, illuminated by low-energy LEDs.

The roof of the hut will sport small holes (with transparent PVC keeping the elements out), thus allowing sunlight to permeate inside during the day. At night it will act almost like a lantern thanks to a large interior light.

Inside, Stargazer's Cabin will measure 6 sq m (64.5 sq ft) and be clad in varnished plywood, while planned furniture includes bookshelves, storage, a sink, and a fold-out table. It's possible that the hut may also serve as a concession stand, but this hasn't been finalized. The hut will be built to a budget of £10,000 (about US$14,300) and is required to meet a minimum rated lifespan of 20 years.

Stargazer's Cabin was designed as part of an architectural competition launched by Eastbourne Borough Council (architectural artist Alex Chinneck served as a judge). It was one of four winners that will be built later this year, and the other three huts can be seen via The Huts – Eastbourne website, link below.

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