Recent technological advances may have put us in a sort of "bike light renaissance," but the fact remains that some people just don't want a headlight cluttering up their handlebars. Much smaller headlights do exist, but they tend to be pretty weak. Well, that's where STiKK comes in. It's an unobtrusive li'l light that puts out up to 100 lumens.

Not unlike WingLights bicycle turn indicators, the STiKK light mounts in one end of the handlebars.

Users just take out the existing bar plug, and replace it with the STiKK socket. Utilizing a hex wrench to turn a built-in expansion plug, they secure it into place. The water-resistant aluminum light module then attaches to the socket magnetically, and can be pulled off and stuck in a pocket whenever the bike is left unattended.

Because the headlight is off to one side of the bike, the CREE LED itself is angled in by six degrees to compensate. Its vertical angle can be adjusted simply by turning the light module by hand.

Users can choose between three brightness levels and one flashing mode, by pressing a button on the end of the light. Power is provided by a user-supplied AAA battery – it should be noted that at the maximum output setting of 100 lumens (steady, non-flashing), that battery will only last for one hour of use. In flashing mode, however, it ought to be good for a claimed 12 hours.

Should you be interested, STiKK is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of €50 (about US$55) will get you one in your choice of silver or black, when and if they reach production.

Sources: STiKK, Kickstarter

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