When I look at this watch, I’m glad I don’t drink (lol). Designer EleeNo has somehow managed to utilize two small circles, surrounded by increasingly larger circles, to replace the hands on a conventional time piece, hence combining elegance and simplicity in design with… confusion.

As you can (or can’t) see in the accompanying images, the smallest circle in bolder series indicates the minutes, while the smallest circle in the paler series shows the hour.

The designer says the effect of the crossing circles is mesmerizing. Can’t argue with that. Just remember, the minute hand is always on the outside and the hour hand is always on the inside of the face. On the practical side, the watch measures 39mm x 31mm x 7mm, it’s water resistant, stainless steel, has a mineral glass lens, is battery-powered and has a rubber belt to keep it firmly on your wrist.

The Stocking Watch is available for US$85 from Yanko Design.