What's in a face ... the Stocking Watch tells time with circles

What's in a face ... the Stock...
The Stocking Watch uses circles instead of hands to tell the time
The Stocking Watch uses circles instead of hands to tell the time
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The Stocking Watch uses circles instead of hands to tell the time
The Stocking Watch uses circles instead of hands to tell the time

When I look at this watch, I’m glad I don’t drink (lol). Designer EleeNo has somehow managed to utilize two small circles, surrounded by increasingly larger circles, to replace the hands on a conventional time piece, hence combining elegance and simplicity in design with… confusion.

As you can (or can’t) see in the accompanying images, the smallest circle in bolder series indicates the minutes, while the smallest circle in the paler series shows the hour.

The designer says the effect of the crossing circles is mesmerizing. Can’t argue with that. Just remember, the minute hand is always on the outside and the hour hand is always on the inside of the face. On the practical side, the watch measures 39mm x 31mm x 7mm, it’s water resistant, stainless steel, has a mineral glass lens, is battery-powered and has a rubber belt to keep it firmly on your wrist.

The Stocking Watch is available for US$85 from Yanko Design.

Via Techfresh.

Anumakonda Jagadeesh
I appreciate the novelty in the design and newness in it. But all watches (not digital) show 12 hours am and 12 hours pm. The Train and Air Times are for 24 hours for example 19.00 hrs. There were times when people miss early morning times without ascertaining the date.
I suggest one can make watches which run for 24 hours.
Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP), India
Mr Stiffy
Yeah I have been prone to having the odd \"really far out idea\".... and the longer I thought about it, the odder it seemed.
If I had an idea like this, and I ran an office, and to be a company jerk off to the max - If I changed all the clocks to have faces like this one - on the walls and the computers; I\'d be beating the crap out of me in the car park for being such an idiot.
Clever idea tho.
Facebook User
Personally I think its a cool design. None of the clocks in my world/life are 12 hr not 24 hr format. I know the difference between am and pm and have never missed a plane, train, or appointment.
Facebook User
I don\'t really care for this design- more confusing than practical. Novel doesn\'t always mean better. I like most of the radical designs I see here- just not this one..
Looks very similar to the moiré display screen inside the classic Star Trek communicator.
Facebook User
Excellent Idea!
@George Sayre: With digital displays the problem doesn\'t exist, but the 12 hr design for analog displays isn\'t very practical. You can\'t see whether it\'s 3 AM or 3 PM. You can only see it\'s 3 o\'clock.
@BoilingOil There's a small difference between the two 3 o'clocks: the first one usually occurs in darkness, the other in sunlight. Unless of course you live at one of the poles... Personally I've never had trouble differentiating between the two (not that I often see the first one!)