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Storm Safe hurricane shelter

Storm Safe hurricane shelter
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Recent horrific weather conditions in Northern and Central America have seen many people displaced, injured and even killed - most recently by Hurricane Ike. While early evacuation is always the best option, it can't hurt to have a plan B along the lines of the Storm Safe, a floating, hexagon-shaped hurricane shelter made from heavy aluminum plate that's designed to protect you in the event of a large storm.

Storm Safe weighs around 800 pounds, is made of thick 3/16 inch aluminum plate and bolted together every six inches along the edges. The hexagon shape is very strong, crush resistant and even exceeds the Miami Dade small and large missile tests. The shelter comes flat, allowing you to store it and self-assemble, if and when it’s needed. According to the maker, the unit should take two people around 4-5 hours to put together and a soft putty is then used to seal the edges, thereby making it watertight.

Air enters the shelter through four, 3/4 inch holes in the top of the end pieces. There are plugs for these holes if and when a water situation occurs. Ideally the Storm Safe can house up to four adults and, without plugging the air vents, they can stay inside for as long as necessary. If left sealed for too long, those inside will lose oxygen, therefore the makers require purchasers to attend an hour long session to be schooled on how to safely use the shelter. Additional air supplies can also be purchased to fit with the shelter to avoid carbon dioxide poisoning.

One of the great safety features is that Storm Safe keeps track of all sold units and will advise emergency response teams of your address in the event of a storm. An EBERP broadcasting signal can also be purchased which will alert authorities of your location. A VHF waterproof marine radio is also available for an additional cost. Storm Safe comes with four eyes on each corner that can be used to secure it to the ground or floor to prevent it from floating away. All of the eyes are removable from the inside should a water situation occur and you feel it is safer to float away. For added safety, fiberglass seating with a full body harness to secure you from rolling around inside is on offer. This option is custom made to meet the size of the user. To exit the shelter at the end of the storm, a hatch is opened using a cross handle located on the inside.

The basic shelter costs USD$6,900 with additional features, including lighting, seating, exhaust fan and first aid kits, costing extra. Storm Safe is based in Florida, however worldwide shipping is available.

Via: Weather Snob.

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In the 1960\'s and 1970\'s it was bomb shelters. Now people want storm shelters. ISTR some former bomb shelter companies repositioning their offerings as heavy duty storm shelters. Just be sure the lid is well secured! I saw one on \"Storm Stories\" where a 12 ton concrete top on a buried storm cellar was picked up by a tornado. The walls were concrete filled concrete block, but the top wasn\'t secured to the walls. The tornado vacuumed away the dirt then took the top slab who knows where.
I love the hatch location. Open it up when all is clear, and go straight to the bottom?