New details and images have emerged regarding Studio Gang's Solar Carve Tower. Unveiled in 2012, the unusual building is due to begin construction soon and features an interesting design that's informed by a desire to not unduly obstruct the view nor cause the surrounding area to be left in shadow.

The more skyscrapers built in cities, the more potential for leaving people in the shade. It's a serious issue that's sparked protests from New York residents and causes permission to be regularly denied for towers that cast too much shadow.

The Solar Carve Tower has been designed to address such concerns. While it looks like a couple of chunks have been carelessly carved out of its sides, the building's shape was calculated to ensure that the adjacent High Line and neighboring buildings neither have the view completely obstructed nor are left in shadow all day as the sun rises and falls. Air flow has also been considered.

It's a neat bit of design that brings to mind NBBJ's no shadow tower and likely was the key to finally getting the building green-lighted. Indeed, according to Arch Daily, it took four attempts to get the thumbs-up from city officials.

The plush mixed-use office building will be located in Manhattan's meatpacking district and rise to a height of 213 ft (65 m). Comprising 166,750 s q ft (15,491 sq m) of floorspace, it will be topped by a large rooftop garden and most floors will boast their own private terrace.

Studio Gang is aiming for LEED Gold certification (a green building standard) for the Solar Carve Tower. We don't know the green design elements intended for the project yet, but given the LEED ambition, we can expect it to feature demonstrable water efficiency, the use of recycled materials during construction, and perhaps solar power, which would be a nice touch given its sun-conscious design.

The Solar Carve Tower is expected to be in use by early 2019.

Source: Studio Gang

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