Stuffa has been in touch to let us know that its Stuffa Jacket, basically a sleeveless puffer jacket-cum-hold all, is now available for pre-order.

If you recall our hands-on time with a prototype of the Stuffa, which is effectively a sort of wearable bag, we found we were able to fit a surprising amount of gear in the Stuffa's 12 inner pockets.

Stuffa has now come up with a packing guide, according to which "four t-shirts, four pairs of socks, four pairs of [under]pants, one lightweight jumper, some gloves, a scarf and one pair of jeans" will all fit inside. That more or less matches our assessment.

Stuffa also points that, upon arrival at a hotel, the jacket can also be hung up inside out for ready access to clothing (if you don't want to wear it, that is).

The final design is made from ripstop Nylon outer and polyester taffeta and includes a microfleece-lined collar.

The men's sizes are available in black, women's in red. At the time of writing there's an introductory offer of £69.99 (US$112), down from what will become the usual price of £95 ($152). Stuffa anticipates that UK pre-orders will arrive by November 30. International orders may take a little longer.

There's a rather fun promotional video from Stuffa embedded below.

Source: Stuffa

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