Styla MicroLaser cordless dental laser

Styla Microlaser
Styla Microlaser
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Wireless footpedal control
Wireless footpedal control
Styla Microlaser
Styla Microlaser

May 16, 2008 Promoted as the world’s first microlaser for soft-tissue applications such as treating canker sores or performing incisional biopsies, the Styla from Zap Lasers is a cordless, self-contained laser weighing just 1.9 ounces and measuring only 6.9 inches long.

The system comes with a pen-like laser, a base unit for recharging and a wireless foot pedal for turning the laser on and off. The foot pedal uses stable 2.4 GHz wireless technology to communicate with Styla’s main body. The aluminum main body delivers 2.0 watts of power, eight pre-set procedures and continuous and pulsed modes.

One innovative feature of Styla is an in-built gravity sensor system which can detect whether the person is left or right handed and adjust the display accordingly.

Pre-threaded disposable tips save time by eliminating the need for scoring and stripping, and are ready to use straight from the box. Magnets are incorporated into the laser’s nose to ensure the tips connect properly.

Styla runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery that can operate for more than 20 minutes without interruption (enough power for over 15 procedures).

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