Would you be more likely to edit all of that action camera and drone footage you've got sitting on memory cards if you could do it on your TV rather than a computer? That's the logic behind Sugarlock, a video editing box which plugs into your TV and lets you edit and share footage using a smartphone as a remote.

Currently looking for funding on Indiegogo, Sugarlock is billed as an action camera dock, though it's probably better described as a video editing box which plugs into your TV. After connecting it via HDMI, users can view MP4 and MOV footage from SD cards (or microSD with an adapter) or USB, instantly on the big screen.

An Android or iOS smartphone running the Sugarlock app can then also be used to edit footage and share it online. The simple-looking app interface, which consists of action buttons and a gesture area, should make it easy to select clips and edit them together before sharing via ethernet or Wi-Fi. The process promises to be easier than editing footage on a computer.

The device itself is said to pack a MIPS-based SOC, high performance video processing engine, along with 8 GB of internal scratch space. Video can also be uploaded and stored in the Sugarlock Cloud, with users getting 10 GB storage included free to start them off. Sugarlock currently supports resolutions up to Full HD 1080p 60 fps (frames per second), but 4K support is in the works and said to be coming soon.

There are a number of other feature which are also due to arrive via automatic updates. These include support for music and photo files in addition to video, and a comprehensive selection of sharing options including posting to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

A pledge of US$239 is currently enough to bag a Sugarlock with pricing rising to $259 when early-bird offers run out, which is still cheaper than the proposed $349 retail price. If everything goes to plan, the devices are expected to start shipping in June.

You can check out the Sugarlock promo video below.

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