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Suimin Sleep Room will put you to sleep

Suimin Sleep Room will put you to sleep
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Given that we spend one third of our lives asleep, it's an area that has not had quite the attention it perhaps deserves, or so Japanese giant Matsushita Electric Works (MEW) seems to think. MEW has been working in the biosciences area for two decades and devotes a lot of effort to developing health-related devices and began showing its Suimin (sleep) room to the public for the first time on July 1.

The EMIT Suimin System uses a controller with a built-in program to adjust the room environment to induce a quality sleep by systematically controlling lighting, bedding, HVAC and AV equipment.

The Suimin room involves an array of electronic devices such as a reclining massage bad, sound-insulation, gentle soothing sounds from nature and music and soft lighting, which all combine to create the optimal sleeping environment.Though most of the gear in the Suimin room has been released commercially onto the Japanese market previously, the Suimin room is set to evolve over the year before it is released onto the market as Matsushita is studying human sleep habits and developing more sophisticated processes to overcome barriers and offer the most beneficial sleep.

The Suimin room appears to be very effective. No-one who has spent the prescribed 30 minutes in the room has not yet fallen asleep.

The Suimin room will go on sale in June 2005 at an expected price of around AUD$50,000, which is perhaps a bargain considering that it will offer greater comfort and ensure a healthy sleep during that one third of your life which so heavily sets the tone for the other two-thirds.

The company is also planning to launch a new Bedroom Solutions Business that integrates its comprehensive strengths in indoor construction materials such as soundproof floors and doors, home networking equipment, bedding and lighting fixtures, by the end of 2005, to provide customers with personalized equipment configuration and bedroom designing plans.

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