March 4, 2008 Sunreef is adding to its fleet of luxury charter boats with an enormous 102 ft. double-deck sailing catamaran. This vessel will be the largest boat in their current fleet but not for long as there are grand plans to launch 150, 170 and 200 footers in the future.

Sunreef is based in Gdansk, Poland and in the last few years the company has been concentrating on building and sailing luxury catamarans and establishing itself in the luxury boatbuilding industry.

While the Sunreef 102 Sailing catamaran is yet to be launched, a range of luxury craft in locations all around the globe are currently on offer. As you might expect, the experience isn't cheap with a fully-crewed charter on the Sunreef 62 Mauni for example, costing around USD$26,000 per week. Powered by the 2x160 horse-power engines with a crew of three, the boat offers two double cabins, a home cinema system including a Playstation, an automatic light system and dinghy or diving equipment.

In 2008, the 62 Mauni will be operating in Los Roques, an archipelago of Venezuela located in the Caribbean, which was declared a national park in 1972 and covers 221,120 hectares (546 acres) which makes it the largest marine park in the Caribbean and is host to a complex marine ecosystem of coral reefs, mangroves and seagrass beds so the diving equipment should come in handy.

The larger Sunreef 74 Che can be chartered for a week starting at USD$40,750 and includes a 130 m2 air-conditioned cabin space with four double cabins with ensuite and television. Built in 2003, the 74 Che cruises at 14 knots and has 2x240 horse-powered engines. The crew consists of four members, a captain, chef, steward and hostess who are also able to assist with water activities. The Sunreef 74 will be operating in the Seychelles and Maldives in 2008. T

Other catamarans to choose from include the Sunreef 62 Moonstone and Argonauta V, which sleeps eight guests and will cost you between US $26,000 and $27, 000. The 62 Moonstone has a unique minimalist interior design and the twin cabin with bunk beds is ideal for children. The crew consists of two to three members and the water equipment includes adult and children’s water skis.

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