There are already a number of sunlight exposure-tracking devices out there, that let us know when it's time to apply more sunscreen. That's all very well and good, but how do we know if we've put enough on in the first place? Well, that's why the Sunscreenr was developed. It's a standalone camera that shows where you've applied sunscreen, along with how much of it you've slathered on.

Unlike a regular camera, the Sunscreenr is designed to image ultraviolet light – the same UV light that sunscreen absorbs. As a result, skin with sunscreen on it will appear darker onscreen than skin that's been missed, or that needs a reapplication. The more sunscreen that's present (SPF 15 or higher), the darker the skin will look.

The camera itself is sand- and waterproof, and its black-and-white LCD screen is viewed through an eyecup, so that it can be seen even in bright sunlight. For people using it on their own (without someone else to film them), it can be mounted a mini tripod, then record and play back up to 30 seconds of video.

One USB charge of its integrated battery should reportedly be good for several days of use.

The Sunscreenr is now the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, where a pledge of US$74 will currently get you one – assuming it reaches production. The planned retail price is $109.

Footage shot with it can be seen in the following pitch video.

Source: Kickstarter

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