Nintendo may be saving the mustachioed Mario's next big adventure as a Christmas present for early Switch adopters, but he will be coming to a new platform in the next few months. Super Mario Run, the plumber's first mobile outing, will be released for Android in March, following the game's launch for iPhone and iPad back in December.

Nintendo made the announcement on its Japanese Twitter account this week, which is in-line with the window of early 2017 for an Android release that we were given when the game was first announced. Those keen to clomp Koopas can pre-register on the Google Play store and receive a notification when the app is released.

Super Mario Run is the company's first in-house game made for non-Nintendo hardware – although the crazily-popular Pokémon Go was based on Nintendo characters, it was developed by Niantic. Billed as a Mario game you can play with one hand, Super Mario Run is an endless runner-style platformer, and in our experience, we found that although it's very good at what it does, it might just make you pine for a Mario game with a bit more meat on its bones.

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