Residents of Lagoa Santa in Brazil will no longer have to crane their necks for views of the area's lagoon. Instead they can simply look into a huge periscope made from a shipping container. At 12.5-m (41-ft) tall, Superiscopio is claimed to be the biggest periscope in the world.

The installation was built for a container architecture event in the center of the city. Architects were invited to redesign the interiors of containers, for example as living rooms or restaurants. Architect Pedro Barata, however, explains to Gizmag that he saw the potential for upending a container for use as a periscope.

Designed by his firm, Pedro Barata e Arquitetos Associados, the container stands on one of its 290 x 245 cm (9.5 x 8 ft) ends. Rectangular holes have been cut out of the bottom of its front and at the top of its rear and mirrors mounted inside using a wooden framework.

Superiscopio has been positioned to provide visitors with views over the Lagoa Santa lagoon. The design and build took just over a month at a cost of €5,000 (US$5,580). It was initially due to remain in place until November, but will now stay at its location indefinitely.

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