Put the words "military grade" in front of just about anything, and people – especially guys – will want to buy it. Military grade Post-It Notes, military grade burritos, military grade tube socks, it's all good ... whatever the product, those two words imply that it has been designed to put up with more crap and abuse than its wimpy civilian-grade counterparts. So, when it comes to protecting your precious data-laden iPhone 4, what grade of case do you want? Griffin Technology is assuming your answer to that question is "military," which is what it reportedly offers in the form of its Survivor Extreme Duty Case.

Griffin states that the Survivor has been designed to meet or exceed the endurance standards set by both the US and UK departments of defense. Its shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame and shock-absorbing silicone bumpers allow it to survive drops from up to six feet (1.8 meters) onto a flat concrete surface. A transparent display shield and hinged plugs on all the port and control openings (including the camera lens) keep water, sand, dust and presumably little bits of things that have been blow up from getting inside.

Its clip, when not attached to your belt – or holster – swivels around to act as a stand, propping the phone up in landscape format on flat surfaces.

The Survivor is the first case in Griffin's new Armored collection, and is available via the Griffin or Verizon Wireless websites, or in Verizon's retail stores. There are two versions, one for iPhone 4 and one for the fourth-generation iPod touch, both of which sell for US$49.99. Color choices include black, white, olive, and pink ... military grade pink, we assume.

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