Architects never seem to tire of experimenting with shipping containers and some of the many uses conceived for the metal boxes include houses, offices and swimming pools. We can now add water sports center to the list, courtesy of engineering firm Sweco.

The project, named Water Sports Center Halsskov, is located in a former ferry port in Korsør, Denmark. Its most defining feature is a diving tower made from three recycled shipping containers. The containers are painted bright yellow and stacked atop each other.

The shipping containers are a good fit for the port and add a splash of color in the industrial setting. Holes have been made in the containers to aid ventilation and stairs within provide access to diving points at heights of 4 m (13 ft) 8 m (26 ft) and 11 m (36 ft).

Elsewhere on the site, Sweco installed a building with toilets, changing room, storage and outdoor showers. This is also made from shipping containers that are painted yellow but the exterior is lined with low-maintenance heat-treated sustainably-sourced wood. Both the facilities and diving structure are illuminated with low-energy LED lighting.

Other attractions at the Water Sports Center Halsskov include a climbing wall, three beach volleyball courts and a viewing point. Existing paths and parking areas have also been upgraded.

Sweco also repurposed existing harbor fittings and bulwarks to make benches, fencing and decks.

The Water Sports Center Halsskov was completed in 2017.

Source: Sweco

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